Roasted Cornish Hen With Seasoned Veggies!

Spoon some of the sauce under skin and work sauce over the breast meat, thigh and top of drumstick. Place in a nonreactive container with a tight cover. Cover and marinate in the refrigerator at least 2 hours, or up to 8 hours. Wash game hens in cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Combine vegetables, broth and game hens in an ovenproof, deep saute pan or Dutch oven that is big enough to hold game hens in a single layer.

Remove the giblets from the hens and place each bird into a large 1 gallon zip lock bag. Submerge the hens in the brine, about 1 quart brining solution per ziplock bag or in a large enough container to fit both birds and the brine. Allow the salt and sugar to dissolve and the garlic and peppercorns to infuse into the boiling water. My comments should have been posted on Thanksgiving Day but we were too fat and happy to type! In this crazy pandemic year, Thanksgiving was just my husband and me so I jumped on a sale for Cornish hens and then stumbled upon this recipe. We loved it so much that we are having it again for Christmas with our friend.

The flavor is very similar to chicken, not gamey as the name suggests. Easy low maintenance dinners are my current jam. Like this delicious Air Fryer Cornish Hen. It is quick and simple to cook Cornish hens in just 30 minutes.

Storing Cornish Game Hen

Air fried cornish hen should take about 45 minutes to cook. This will get a crispy skin while cooking the inside of the game so it comes out with tender meat. Use either a roasting pan or a heavy baking pan. Remove the hens from the oven and cover them with foil to let them rest.

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Step 6: serve!

Horizontally insert the June Food Thermometer into the center of the breast of the larger hen, avoiding any bones. Use a simple poultry spice mix like this one from McCormick. Pour the broth in and set the crockpot on high for 3 hours or low for 5 hours.

Air Fryer Cornish Game Hen (4 Ingredients)

The chickens are small and Magic Baking don’t take that long to cook. The wings and legs don’t dry out as bad as regular chicken. If you decide to truss the chicken with kitchen twine, check out this helpful video on how to truss a chicken.


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