• 200g Optilla dark chocolate
  • 160g Butter
  • 4 Eggs
  • 70g Flour
  • 130g Sugar
  • 1 Packet of chemical yeast
  • Calories = Very high

For the ganache:

  • 100g Optilla dark chocolate
  • 10cl Liquid cream
  • Calories = Very high


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C (th.6). Break the optilla chocolate into pieces and melt in a double boiler. Smooth with a spatula.
  2. In a salad bowl or with a pastry processor, whisk the soft butter with the powdered sugar and add the eggs one by one and the chocolate melted. Add the flour and yeast and mix well to obtain a homogeneous dough.
  3. Pour into a baking pan and bake for about 30 min. Let cool.
  4. Prepare the ganache: Chop the chocolate over a salad bowl. Pour the cream into a small saucepan and heat. When it quivers, pour it over the chocolate, wait a few seconds and mix well. Cover the cake with the ganache and serve warm or cold.

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